Thursday, 31 March 2011

Urbex: Urban Exploration

Hi bros, for those who didn't know, the background image on this blog is NOT mine. It is taken by Neil Ta, who does Urban Exploration photos.

Definition from Wikipedia:
Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities.[1] Urban exploration is also commonly referred to as infiltration, although some people consider infiltration to be more closely associated with the exploration of active or inhabited sites.
 Pretty cool stuff, huh :P

The image in my background is from his exploration of Camp 30, a Canadian-run POW camp for Nazi officers.

I highly recommended checking it out :)


  1. interesting stuff. i would like to do this.

  2. damn good stuff, instant follower! be back daily to check it out!

  3. wow really informative!! thanks a lot for the info!

  4. that is both epic and scary scenery

  5. I love images like this, it's good to finally know what they're actually called and how to find some more quality ones. Thanks!

  6. I'm really looking into buying a camera that can take pictures with this quality. Thanks for the info and post!

  7. i live in an area with some really good shots but don't have that great of an interest in photography..
    plus my camera is an 8.0mp sony erricson camera phone.
    +1 for possible inspiration